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Established in 2003, Bangladesh Sociological Society is an association of sociologists from Bangladesh established for the promotion of sociological teaching, research and publication in Bangladesh. The primary objective of the Society is, to introduce works done by the Bangladeshi sociologists and Sociology of Bangladesh to the world academia. The society is a purely academic organization based in the University of Dhaka and is a not-profit organization funded by the contributions of the participating members only.

Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology is the primary publication of the Society. Starting with its first issue in January 2004, the peer reviewed e-Journal has now attained an international stature. It is considered by the International Sociological Association as one of the “core” journals of the discipline and reaches all the English reading countries. Although the initial objectives were to publish articles written by Bangladeshi sociologists and work towards a “Sociology of Bangladesh”, a major section of the articles published in the journal today are sent by authors from outside of Bangladesh, namely from other South Asian countries and a large portion from the African countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is referred by major universities all over the world, including the USA, and many countries of Europe and Asia. Articles published in the e-Journal are listed in the “Google Scholar” and many have been published as book chapters and some translated into other languages.

As a matter of policy, the BEJS encourages young and often first time authors to send in their articles for publication.  And we are proud to report that over the years many such authors have gone on to make a name for themselves in their respective fields of work. The journal also delves into areas, often controversial or sensitive, that other more reputed journals may not venture into. BEJS has, thus, published articles on terrorism, militancy, suicide bombing, Boko Haram, genital mutilation, street based sex workers, gangs of female rapists and domestic violence among others. Besides, the wide range of issues covered by the journal are authored by sociologists and non-sociologists alike, including engineers, public servants, preachers, social workers etc. The e-Journal itself, therefore, is a major contribution to the academic world in its own right and continues to strive for greater achievements.



offer a greater coverage of sociology in Bangladesh and works done by Bangladeshi sociologists, the Society presents research papers and articles, including the previously published ones, in this web page for its international readers, who may not otherwise have access to these papers and articles.



Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes research works on all areas of sociology. It is international in character and welcomes contribution from all over the world, particularly from Bangladeshi sociologists working abroad. Although it is an electronic journal, it strives for a level of excellence comparable to the major journals in the print medium.

Sociology in Bangladesh

This page offers an inside view of sociology in Bangladesh. It lists the various sociology departments, their brief histories, the faculty and their major works along with the main areas of concentration and the courses offered by each department.



This page is a guide to the Bangladeshi Sociologists and sociologists who are working on Bangladesh and are willing to register with us and use this page to get connected with other sociologists working on Bangladesh or other Bangladeshi Sociologists and academics all over the world.


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