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Sociology in Bangladesh
                       History       Faculty     Major Publications     Degrees Offered      Courses Taught          


                                          Department of Sociology
                                 University of Chittagong

                                                                   Chittagong 4331, Bangladesh



Degrees offered:


BSS (Bachelor of Social Science), MSS (Master of Social Science). M.Phil. and PhD.







Professor Ghazi Saleh Uddin

MA Chittagong)  PhD.

Areas of Specialization: Rural development, Rural sociology, Research Methodology, Social Structure.




Anupam sen

MA (Dhaka), MA (Mc Master), PhD. (Mc Master).

Areas of Specialization: Sociological theory, Sociology of development, Sociology of Knowledge.


Mosharraf Hossain

MA (Dhaka), MPH (Berkeley, Calif.), PhD. (Punjub).

Areas of Specialization: Political Sociology, Rural Power Structure, Political Development, Development, Environment.


A.F. Imam Ali

MA (Dhaka) PhD. (Punjub).

Areas of Specialization: Social Inequality, Stratification, Community studies.


Hasanuzzaman howdhury

MA (Dhaka), MA (Manitoba)

Areas of Specialization: Development Theory, Anthropology of Development.


A.H.G. Quddus

MA (Dhaka), MA (N. Iowa), MPH (Berkeley, Calif.), PhD. (Illinois). Areas of Specialization: Family sociology, Development, Population.


Md. Mahbub Ullah

MA (Dhaka), PhD.

Areas of Specialization: Sociology of History, Political Economy, Social Organization, Research Methodology, Sociology of Environment and Health.

(On Deputation)


Md. Aslam Bhuiyan

MA (Dhaka), PhD. (Bombay).

Areas of Specialization: Social Change and Development.

(On Leave)


Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury

MA (Chittagong), PhD. (Tsukuba), Post-Doc. (Berkeley, Calif.).

Areas of Specialization: Sociological Theory, Industrial and Urban sociology, Ethnography.


Obaidul Karim

MA (Chittagong), PhD.

Areas of Specialization: Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Information Technology, Computer Technology.



Associate Professors:



Abul Quassem Chowdhury:

MA (Dhaka).

Areas of Specialization:  Social Structure, Military Science, Sociology of Religion.


Mohammad Bin Kashem

MA (Chittagong), MS.

Areas of Specialization: Criminology, Policing and Crime Prevention.


Lutfun Nahar Begum

MSS (Chittagong), MSc. (AIT, Thailand).

Areas of Specialization: Urban Environmental Management.




Assistant Professors:


Md. Liaquat Ali

MSS (Chittagong)

Areas of Specialization: Rural Sociology, Women and Society.


Farida Akhter Khanam

MSS (Chittagong)

Areas of Specialization: Women Studies

(On Leave)


Helal Mohammad Mohiuddin

MSS (Dhaka).

(On Leave)


Indrajit Kundu

MSS (Dhaka).

Areas of Specialization: Sociology of Capitalist Development.

(On Leave)


S.M. Monirul Hasan

MSS (Dhaka)

Areas of Specialization: Gender, Cultural change, Collective Movement, Social Conflict and social Integration.


Leema Hoque

MSS (Dhaka)

Areas of Specialization: Demography, Gender, Development.


Parveen Sultana

MSS (Chittagong)

Areas of Specialization: Gender and Development.


A.H.M. Kishowar Hossain

MSS (Dhaka),Diploma in Law (U.K.)

Areas of Specialization: Sociology of Law, Green Politics, Risk society, Virtual Community.


A.B.M. Nazmul Islam Khan

MSS (Dhaka)

(On Leave)





Degree Requirements and Courses Offered:


BSS Honours (Four Years)

(Core courses are marked with *)


1st Year

Requirement: 3 core, 1 non-core and 1 Functional English courses


Soc. 101: Introduction to sociology*

Soc. 102: Social History*

Soc. 103: Social Statistics*

Soc. 104: Introduction to Anthropology

Soc. 105: Principles of Politics and Government

        001: Functional English


2nd Year


Requirement: 3 core, 2 non-core courses


Soc. 201: Research Methodology*

Soc. 202: Social Psychology*

Soc. 203: Social Demography*

Soc. 204: Sociology of Religion

Soc. 205: Economy and Society

Soc. 206: Social Forestry

Soc. 207: Principles of Public Administration.


3rd Year


Requirement: 4 core and 1 non-core courses


Soc. 301: Social structure of Bangladesh*

Soc. 302: Criminology*

Soc. 303: Sociology of Environment*

Soc. 304: Rural Sociology*

Soc. 305: Gender and Development

Soc. 306: Social Organization

Soc. 307: Sociology of Poverty

Soc. 308: Sociology of Law


4th Year


Requirement: 4 core courses and a comprehensive examination


Soc. 401: Sociology of Education*

Soc. 402: Industrial and Urban Sociology*

Soc. 403: Sociology of socialism and capitalism*

Soc. 404: Sociology of Communication and Information technology*


Further requirements: Viva-voce and tutorial examination to be taken during all four years, equals to two regular courses.





Half courses


Soc. 501: Classical Sociological Theories

Soc. 502: Contemporary Sociological Theories

Soc. 503: Comparative Social structure and Development

Soc. 504: Political Sociology

Soc. 505: Contemporary Bangladesh Society and Culture

Soc. 506: Social Stratification and Inequality

Soc. 507: Advanced Research Methods

Soc.508: Ethnography

Soc. 509: Advanced Research Monograph

            (Offered to only 5 students selected on the basis of their BSS results)


Further requirements: Tutorials equal to 1 half course

                                Terminal and Viva-voce Examinations equal to 1 half course.


                                For External candidates: comprehensive and viva-voce examinations equal to two half courses                 



M. Phil.


Candidature: At least 2nd class BSS and MSS degrees.

Duration: 2 Years. : 1st year: Course work , 2nd year: Thesis.


Courses: Advanced Theories and Methods of Sociology

               Comparative Social Structure





Candidature: M.Phil. degree or one year of M.phil. programme and recommendation of the supervisor or two years teaching at the graduate and post graduate levels.

Duration: Maximum of 6 years with a minimum of 2 years as registered student.


Requirements: Supervised thesis writing and defense.



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