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Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology






The Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology, an online peer-reviewed journal of the Bangladesh Sociological Society, accepts manuscript for consideration in all major areas of sociology.

Manuscripts must be on original research work done by the author (s) and must not be sent for consideration to other publishers simultaneously. Manuscripts may be sent in the form of articles, reviews, book reviews or research notes. News items and announcements may also be sent for publication in the BEJS but the journal shall not take any responsibility for their content.


Manuscripts should be limited to a maximum of 30 thousand characters (as counted by Microsoft Word counting system) and is to be submitted directly by email as attachment to the editor. Manuscripts can also be sent on 3 Ĺ inch disk by surface mail. In any case, they must be electronically readable and no paper printed copy shall be accepted. However, authors are advised very strongly to retain a hard copy for protection in case the electronic version gets corrupted or gets lost.


Manuscripts received for publication shall be sent to the reviewers over the electronic medium as well and is thus assured a quick review. The author (s) shall also be notified of the status by email. If a response by regular mail is required, postal address must be included along with authorís email address. However, because of the poor quality of service, communication through regular mail is not assured.

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