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                    Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology


Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology is a publication of Bangladesh Sociological Society (BSS). It is a peer-reviewed journal seeking to reach a worldwide readership through the electronic medium. Many sociologists, particularly from the Third World countries like Bangladesh, find it difficult to reach their colleagues through the conventional journals. It is hoped that the BEJS will be able to provide a serious academic forum for sociologists who are looking for an international audience.

The prohibitive cost of publication and the lack of distribution facilities have forced the BSS to use the electronic medium for this journal. The BEJS will follow the format of other electronic journals, particularly the Electronic Journal of Sociology, and shall be guided by the principle of unfettered access to scholarly publication without compromising quality. The journal will, thus, be available to all users of the Internet, who may download any article for reasonable academic use free of cost.

Although an electronic journal offered free of cost, BEJS strives for the same high level of excellence as is found in the regular printed journals.

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