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Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology


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Editor                                                                           Managing Editor

Nazrul Islam, Ph.D.                                                        S. Aminul Islam

Professor of Sociology                                                 Professor of Sociology

University of Dhaka                                                       University of Dhaka

Dhaka 1000                                                                Dhaka - 1000

Bangladesh                                                                    Bangladesh

email: editor@bangladeshsociology.org                    email:mneditor@bangladeshsociology.org




Book Review Editor                                              Associate Editor

A.I. Mahboob Ahmed                                                    Imdadul Haque

Professor of Sociology                                                 Professor of Sociology       

University of Dhaka                                                       University of Dhaka       

email: breditor@bangladeshsociology.org                email: konkona@bdonline.com




BEJS can be reached at: bejs@bangladeshsociology.org




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