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Sociology in Bangladesh
                       History       Faculty     Major Publications     Degrees Offered      Courses Taught          


                                        Department of Rural Sociology
                                    Bangladesh Agricultural University

                                                                          Mymensing, Bangladesh




A Brief History of the Department


The Department of Rural Sociology, one of five departments under the faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology of the

Bangladesh Agricultural University, was established in 1963.


Recognizing the complexities in the socio-economic setting of rural Bangladesh and technological advancement in agricultural

sector, the curricular of the department is designed to include multi-disciplinary courses in its own and other faculties as well.



Different Degrees and Programs Offered by the Department


Department of Rural Sociology offers only MS degree but offers introductory course in a number of departments.



Courses Offered by the Department:



Courses in the M. S. program include:


Compulsory Courses:


Sociological Theory, Rural Social Change, Social Anthropology, Sociology and Rural Development and Agrarian Societies.


Elective Courses:


Social Demography, Rural Poverty Studies, Quantitative Analysis of Social Data, Sociology of Health and Illness and Problems and

Issues of Development in South Asia, Household and "Gender Studies, Sociology arid Mass Communication, "Sociology "of

Education, Women in Development, Social Forestry, Rural Social Structure, Sociology of Youth Development, Environmental

Sociology and Sociology of Urban Life.



Introductory Sociology is also taught at undergraduate level in five faculties namely, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering and Technology and Fisheries.



List of the Faculty members:


Faculty Members                                                                 Areas of Specialization

Rafiqun Nessa Ali, Professor and Head                               Rural Development Poverty Studies

B.A(Dhaka), M.A(Dhaka), M.A(Reading)                                      and Gender Issues.


Md. Musfekus Salehin, Assistant Professor                              Peace and Conflict.                          

B.S.S(Dhaka), M.S.S.(Dhaka)

(On study leave in Norway)


Samina Luthfa, Lecturer                                                           Agrarian Societies

B.S.S(Dhaka), M.S.S.(Dhaka)

(On study leave in the USA)


Md. Rakibul Islam, Lecturer                                                      Rural Development and Poverty                                      

B.S.S (Dhaka), M.S.S.(Dhaka)


Md. Wakilur Rahman, Lecturer                                                 Rural Poverty Studies.

B.Sc.Ag.Econ.(Hons.) M.S in Rural Sociology


Md. Shajahan Kabir, Lecturer                                                   Small Enterprise Development

B.Sc.Ag.Econ.(Hons.) M.S in Rural Sociology



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