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Volume 1 Number 1 Society News February 2005


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Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology


Volume 2 Number 2 (Summer) July 2005

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January Issue of the e-Journal Uploaded


The January issue of the e-Journal is now available. This is a special issue on “Exploring the Sociological Perspective on Poverty”, featuring articles on the problems of theory, methodology and data on poverty. It also contains an article on the “Politics of Poverty” in South Africa and another on urban poverty in Bangladesh. The issue also features Malin Arvidson who writes on the “Expectations as Limitations: Sociology’s Challenges in Development Studies”, and a review of S. Aminul Islam’s recent publication Unnayanchintar Palabodol (Transition in Development Theory). Click on the links below to log on to the e-Journal and the “Contents” page.



Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology

                             Volume 2. No 1. January 2005


Special Issue on

Exploring the Sociological Perspective on Poverty



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Asia Link Project: Society Members Back from Ireland


Professor Ishrat Shamim, S. Aminul Islam and Dr. Mahbub Ahmed of the Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka visited The Euro-Asia center of the University of Limerick in Ireland in connection with curriculum development and technology transfer under the Asia-Link Project ICCD during 17th and 21st January 2005. It was the second meeting of the project. The first meeting took place at Dresden in the Summer of 2004.

The Asia-Link ICCD project is a highly innovative project for developing a common standard of learning and teaching across four partner countries and four universities/institutions through the use common syllabus and web-assisted teaching. Currently two teaching modules have been developed under this project. The partner institutions are Centre for East Asian Studies at Dresden University of Technology, Germany; Euro –Asia Centre at University of Limerick, Ireland; School of Management and Economics at Beijing Institute of Technology, China and Department of Sociology at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project is being funded by the EU.


The visit was centred on a number of activities

  • There was trial with the technology of web-assisted teaching
  • The second teaching module entitled Economic Development and Culture was developed
  • Ideas and experiences were exchanged about how to offer common courses to students having different systems of education
  • Three papers were presented in a seminar at Euro-Asia Centre at the University of Limerick on 20th January.

Professor Ishrat Shamim presented a paper under the title “ The Nexus between Feminization of Migration and Trafficking: Bangladesh as a Case Study.”

Professor S. Aminul Islam read out a paper entitled Social Change, Charisma and Crisis of Identity in Two South Asian Novels: ‘Tree without Roots’ and ‘The Guide.’

Dr. Mahbub. Ahmed presented a paper entitled “Constructing Ethno-gender Identity in Migratory Situation in Monica Ali’s Novel, ‘Brick Lane.’

  • It was also decided to set up the Euro-Asian network of cultural studies for further broadening the areas of cooperation among Asian and European scholars on culture and development.
  • Three visitors from Bangladesh had a fruitful exchange of ideas with the Department of Sociology at the University of Limerick on the possibility of future collaboration between Limerick and Dhaka.


Society President and Secretary off to India to attend Workshop

 Society President Professor Nazrul Islam and General Secretary Professor Mahbub Uddin Ahmed are visiting India to attend a Workshop on the “The state of Sociology: Issues of Relevance and Rigour” to be held from February 23 to 25, 2005 at Surujkund, Haryana. The Workshop is being organized by the Indian Sociological Society and sociologists from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are likely to attend. The possibility of forming an association of the South Asian sociologists may also be discussed during the Workshop.


German Professor Visiting Bangladesh


     Professor Dirk Kaesler of Marburg University is visiting Bangladesh from February 19 to 25, 2005 on an invitation from the Society and the University of Dhaka. Professor Kaesler will address the professors of the Faculty of the Social Sciences on February 23, 2005 and meet the students of the Sociology Department at a workshop on February 24 -25, 2005. Professor Kaesler will also address the faculty and the students at the Independent University of Bangladesh on February 22, 2005.

Professors Kaesler’s visit is being sponsored jointly by the Society and the Goethe Institute, Dhaka.



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